Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where In The World Are We Now?

We just don't seem to stay put.  No, this is not Provincetown.

As Russ correctly determined, this is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Leon has been want to come here for years to join in the festivities of the annual Straight Eights Chapter of the Lambda Car Club.  This year they hosted a Grand Invitational, with over 300 attendees from all over the states.

I would be ostracized for saying so, but I have seen old cars before and if you've seen a hundred, you've seen them all.  I spent a few days on the beach while Leon and friend Ed talked cars with the other 300 guys at the event.  Unfortunately, most are old fellas like me, or I might have been looking at the "cars" too!


  1. Well, it's a puzzle. There's palm trees and pine trees, which would suggest a southern locale - but the architecture of those vaguely Queen Anne beach "cottages" is a northern feature. Lots of sandy beach, though. And gay guesthouses. I'll guess somewhere on Long Island, followed by Cape May, and Rehoboth Beach as my third pick. Do I win a prize? Grin.

  2. Well, Russ, #3 is absolutely correct! Leon dragged me here for a Lambda Car Car Club Invitational Meet. I don't do cars, but the promise of a beach ...

    As for palm trees, You can't assume a tropical or semitropical climate anymore when you see tropical plants. I've seen palm trees in Rhode Island, Connecticut, even on Cape Cod. People go to great lengths to achieve a tropical look - even if they have to transport large tree to greenhouses for the winter.

    A prize? Not for 3rd guess, sorry.

  3. That's funny about the palm trees. I've even seen pics of resorts on the south coast of England nowadays with palm trees - and that's above 50 degrees north latitude!

    I was reluctant to put Rehoboth any higher than 3rd choice because that's what, five states away from where you guys live, right? But then - y'all have such little bitty states up there, so I guess it's not all that far a drive.

    Five states away from Texas, I'd be in Florida or Hawaii. Grin.

  4. We never did get to Rehoboth Beach when we lived on the East Coast. Had always heard it was beautiful. Your pictures prove it. And if the 300 guys were mostly hot old fellas like you, I would have expected you to be right in the middle of things. Just think of what you missed.

  5. Rehoboth is about 5 to 6 hours from our house. We returned via the Cape May/Lewes Ferry which saved some miles but required time for queuing up, boarding, etc. Nice day for a boat ride though.

    I still like Cape Cod better - it's much more primitive - there are no huge hotels on the beach, or boardwalks with shops and fast food. PTown is also very dog friendly - and gayer.

    Now getting on I-10 at the eastern border of Texas seeing the sign for New Mexico 879 miles or whatever is enough to make one cry - and long for the Northeast where we can easily be in 3 or even 4 different states in 2 hours.

  6. A couple of facts about Texas, strange but true - check it out on Google Maps if you don't believe me:

    Texarkana, in the northeast corner of the state, is closer to Chicago than it is to El Paso, at the western extremity of Texas.

    And El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than to Texarkana.



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