Monday, September 24, 2012

More Photos - Rehoboth and Cape May

Leon and his LeBaron
I will get some of Leon's photos from the car show - I'm sure he has hundreds - and add them to this post or a subsequent post.
Rehoboth Streets are Well Planned and a Bit Boring 

The Sands Hotel from the Boardwalk
Sands Hotel - Cool Architecture 
We Stayed Here Fo Car Club Show
A Cute Tidy Cottage
Folk Art Concrete Wall
Crossing to Cape May
 Now call me judgmental and critical, but I thought Rehoboth was a bit stodgy - until we got to Cape May.  For sure there are some cool Victorians in Cape May and they are quite tidy, but sometimes too perfect is disturbing.  Cape May strikes me - first impressions - as rigid and uptight - even the restaurant we stopped at for lunch (Billy's) seemed inflexible and stingy - they didn't even have a lemon wedge for the glass of water as we requested - obviously lemons cost money and they weren't about to supply lemons with a "free" drink.

Ceramic Tiles

 Even these cabanas, which obviously belong to one of the big hotels, are precisely and evenly placed - not one higher or at a slightly different angle.  There is something disturbing about this - beaches should be free and carefree, not anal retentive.

 I still prefer the primitive and natural look of Cape Cod.  There are no big hotels on the beach, the beach landscapes are more interesting, not as flat, long and featureless.  I always find things to take photos of in Provincetown, but in Rehoboth I carried my camera, but couldn't really find much of interest to shoot.


  1. Love that first photo. Who makes the car model "Leon"? Chrysler? The Baron is quite cute, although I think it's a bit pretentious to say his name in French.

  2. Well, Mitch, if you can have a Duchess and "San", I guess I can have a LeBaron at my side. The Baron always names his cars, this one was supposed to be Kelvin, I mistakenly called it Leon.

  3. I do think the name Leon is a very elegant name for a car, especially one driven by The Baron. By the way, I hope "The Baron" or "LeBaron" sticks!

  4. I'm glad to read your thoughts and impressions of Rehoboth. I passed through there a few years ago on my way up from FLA and was thinking of going down there this past summer but didn't make it. I guess I didn't miss much.
    Cape May NJ has very strict zoning laws which may be why it's so "anal retentive" looking. I agree it's boring.
    The thing that I hate in visiting places like this is having to deal with "pissy queens." I never saw or encountered that much up in P-town.

  5. BTW: I got yelled at through the PA system on that Lewes ferry crossing from DEL to NJ for feeding the birds. Sheez!



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