Sunday, September 2, 2012

Link to a Post on the GOP's Religion of Success

Good morning.  Feeling Lazy today, so will just link you off to the blogosphere... A very insightful post at Enlightened Catholicism on the GOP and their "Religion of Success".


  1. The point is well made in the linked article that the current GOP philosophy is just the latest development of Calvinism (wealth & success = righteousness, God loves you; poverty & failure = wickedness, you're going to hell!).

    Of course, this religion of success predates Romney; it predates the colonization of America; you can find plenty of passages in the Old Testament to support it, too. It's such a convenient religion, because at the same time it proves you are worthy of God's everlasting favor, it also absolves you of the need to feel the slightest guilt or obligation to the nasty sinners who don't have a brilliant resume or even a pot to piss in. Because obviously they don't deserve good things, or God would have seen that they got them, right?

    But - isn't that snotty, snobby, holier-than-thou attitude that ignores the needy neighbor exactly what Jesus condemned, time after time?



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