Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lord Giveth, The Lord taketh Away, Then Giveth Gout

Well, my exhilaration of Saturday gave way to increasing discomfort on Sunday evening.  The gout symptoms returned to my right big toe joint.  Beer is not the best thing for gout according to some experts but that Blue Moon Draft was sooo good on Saturday, I wouldn't have changed my dinner and drink order.  Sometimes living in the moment, without regard to "possible" consequences is worth it, regardless.
Internet image without attribution
You Don't Wan't To See A Photo Of My Foot
A few years back I had my first episode of gout in my left big toe joint.  The initial episode was the most excruciating, subsequent flare ups less so.  I've had a few flare ups on that side, usually in the spring time for some reason, and the literature apparently supports this.  

So this time I could feel it coming on in my right toe and though I'd nipped it with anti-inflammatory meds before it got too bad.  I wasn't to get away that easily however.  

If I was in agony on Sunday night (why does it always seem to get worse at night?) I was in hell last night.  I was '"getting used to" the pain when it intensified beyond purgatory.  The anti-inflammatory medication seemed totally useless.  Ice did nothing.  Raising the foot just gave me a better view of the swollen, shiny, red mass of flesh.

On a pain scale of 0 to 10, it went from "6" to "9.5".  The worst of it lasted for about four hours.  It felt like I was having surgery on my toe, toe joint and foot without anesthesia.  There was no let up, except that for minutes at a time the surgeon twisted the scalpel, just for the "hell" of it.  I generally am pretty stoic when it comes to pain, but couldn't help but yell each time.  I felt like a big baby.  Yelling out didn't really help.  

Thanks Stan, for sharing your experience.  There has to be a better way to deal with this.  The science is so behind the times in regards to gout.  Many primary care physicians treat it lightly, like the common cold.  No real effective treatment, especially for acute attacks.  And the long term treatments may kill you. Left untreated, gout could possibly lead to more severe complications.  

Short of going on a no-protein diet and living on cherries there has to be a better way, one without all the dangerous medication side effects.  The science seems so behind the times.  Any suggestions?


  1. I have no suggestions, sorry!
    Still, I do wish you good health. Pain sucks!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your affliction, Frank. My dad came down with that once back in the 1960's and I don't remember what the doctor treated him with, but it was bad enough that he was in a wheelchair for a time.

    If your local dr. isn't helping, there are clinics that specialize in pain relief/managment, maybe you should check out something like that?

  3. Thanks Mark, Russ and Stan who sent an email. fortunately this pain is only temporary. Perhaps in late stages it becomes chronic, but I sure hope not. So I am in much better shape today.

  4. My sister says she stopped drinking Blue Moon and hasn't experienced anymore symptoms



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