Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Good Meal in Winchester (revised)

We just can't make those long drives  like we used to - without a stop-over.  We stayed in Winchester, Virginia as we have several times and treated ourselves to a nice dinner at the Union Jack Pub and Restaurant on North Loudon Street. 

A special thanks to Noah, our friendly server who made us feel very welcomed and advised us on the beer and ales as well as entrées.

The pub serves up some very authentic (what do I know) English fare including Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd Pie, Steak and Ale Pie, and Full English Breakfast to name a few.

(revised): As for the beers, Noah had gone through a few suggestions, including Boddington's Light and Speckle Hen.  I had Steak and Ale Pie washed down with a pint of Boddingtons Light.  Leon had the Fish and Chips, and, trying to recall the long list of ales, he ordered a pint of "Spotted Chicken";  Noah understood that he meant "Speckle Hen".  

Either way, an odd name for a beer.

We shared a Raspberry English Triffle with our decaff coffee served in small, individual coffee presses.  Nice touch.

Prices are more than we usually pay for a regular dinner night out back home, but we both needed a little extra indulgence last evening.

Last summer we stopped at Brewbakers, another restaurant on Loudon Street which is a pedestrian only street with some nice shops and several eateries.

If you  are passing through Winchester, VA and want to avoid the BIG CHAIN restaurants with their Ho-Hum predictable offerings, most of which are probably assembled in a factory somewhere and shipped frozen so that the food tastes the same everywhere, check out the Union Jack or Brewbakers.  It's not that far off the Interstate and so much better than a chain.

P.S.  Hope you all caught the premier episode of Downton Abbey last evening.  Unfortunately the motel cable service did not carry PBS, so we missed it.   Luckily we had already seen it, yes, on YouTube a few weeks ago.

Here's one of my favorite scenes from Season One:


  1. Oh, dinners sounds so good... except for the name "Spotted Chicken"; that just sounds like something beyond its expiration date!

  2. Mitch,
    As the Dowager Countess said, "I must have said it wrong." See revised post: Leon confused the name of the beer/ale which is called "Speckled Hen" and instead asked the waiter for "Spotted Chicken".

    I especially thought you would appreciate this.

  3. Thanks for the clarification! I just read the revised post and missed the point that it was revised! I thought, "How could I have misunderstood that?"

    It's tough traveling through Virginia when you're from New England, isn't it? They don't speak the same language.

  4. Leon has his "Leonisms" - though he has become more refined the longer he's been out of the back woods of Pennsylvania. Even spell check cannot decipher "chimmley"

    You've heard the joke about the woman from Darien sitting next to the Southern Belle on a plane....



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