Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everything Looks Better in the Morning

Yeah, Right!
Honda Fit Last Night 10-29-11
Truck Roof
This Morning

This is probably the worst, most widespread weather event we've experienced in the Northeast ever.
In Connecticut nearly 800,000 homes without power and no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.  The number of trees down is worst than a typical hurricane and with 12 to 24 inches of heavy concrete snow, cleanup and power restoration will take more than a week.  They are warning people that power will out for at least a week.

We have yet to go around the property to assess the damages.  Thankfully most of our leaves were down, so tree damage looks minimal.  We also have a small generator, thus my few minutes to do a post here.  We have propane for cooking and a small propane heater in the basement.  Because our well needs power and the generator can't service it, we put up some water for flushing and some for drinking, but I'm afraid we will be melting snow to supplement that fairly soon.

We are expecting record low temperatures tonight.  The night before Halloween - they call it hell night here-abouts - and this may live up to the name.


  1. Oh boy! it came very early this year, didn't it?

    I suppose that is preferable to be homeless because a hurricane wiped out your house as we have to endure here...


  2. We got it too here in NJ but not as bad as these pics look. In all my 60 years I've never seen anything like it in October!
    Talk about climate change!

  3. A week with no power in the freezing cold?!! Ugh. I'm wishing the best for you.



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