Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Netflix Suggestions

We don't do much in the evenings after dinner as Leon has to return calls to customers to schedule work or to remind them he's coming tomorrow. Unlike me, he likes to schmooz and has the gift of gab, so when he's done it's generally 9pm and we have time for a few episodes of a TV drama or a short movie on Netflix - Instant Viewing:

"Damages" with Glen Close and Ted Danson, a drama of the rich and powerful who continually approach and often cross ethical boundaries.  What makes this stand out is not just the writing and acting but the way flashbacks and flashforwards create suspense.  The nice thing about Netflix is that you can watch several episodes without having to wait a week in between.

"Rescue Me" a sick drama about New York City Fire Fighters.  The first season was really good but subsequent seasons have gotten very bizarre.  Lots of straight sex.  Alcoholism.  Lying.  Cheating.  Drugs. The usual. Everyone is dysfunctional.  This show makes you feel "normal" in comparison.  Scary to think these guys are firefighters.

"Top Gear" This is Leon's thing.  Cars, cars and more cars.  An endless English series that seems to have about 5,000 episodes.  English guys talk to a studio audience and show footage of their escapades with different cars.  This is when I go read your blogs.

"Prime Suspect" (DVD only) - Another English TV series.  Police/crime drama with a woman in charge of the detective division who is doing her job despite obstacles presented by the men from within her department.

We also use the DVR feature to record and watch without commercials a few USANetwork shows which have a lot of good looking men:
"Suits" (another lawyer show);
"White Collar" (A modern "FBI"/ "It Takes a Thief" - watch it for the eye candy Matt Bomer;  
"Burn Notice" (totally not based in reality spy stuff and Fiona is cool); 
"Royal Pains" (a McGiver-like doctor who makes house calls in the Hamptons);
"Covert Affairs" (another spy show -CIA- with cute Christopher Gorham).


  1. We loved "Damages".
    And "Prime Suspect" with Helen Mirren is an all-time fave--they are remaking for Amurican TV this fall.....we'll see.

    Matt Bomer. oh......honey.

  2. Mention to Leon that Jeremy Clarkson (one of the three presenters of Top Gear) is considered here to be mildly homophobic. He can be funny in an unforgiving sort of way.
    Prime Suspect was superb. I think there were 5 series of it? Helen Mirren is quite superb in it.

  3. We did Netflix before leaving the states. Tried "Damages" and I just couldn't connect with it (but then I'm not a fan of "lawyer shows"). We never checked out the others you've listed (well, I did try "Rescue Me"). But we especially love, "Breaking Bad" and "Weeds."

  4. Oh my, I think I've seen Top Gear. My son watches it. One or two episodes is fine but...
    We are at the end of watching 5 straight seasons of Brothers and Sisters on Netflix. This last season is, well, stupid. I want it to be over so I can check out this Damages that you mentioned.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. DVR's are great so you can watch the shows you want to watch at your leisure. I have yet to upgrade to one yet. Seems like there's so little time to watch TV in the summertime as opposed to winter when we all shut inside more.

  6. Bob, We'll be watching; Craig, Leon has noted the homophobia from Jeremy Clarkson; Mitch, when we were in England our Netflix account would not work - so I suspect it might be the same in Spain; we watched Brothers and Sisters for several seasons when it was on TV until I just couldn't stand it any longer! Yeah, Stan, I wish we we able to get out more on summer evenings.

  7. You're right. No Netflix here (yet); we canceled our account before we moved. Don't know yet what we'll do (maybe pay for premium cable -- gasp).

  8. I like Burn Notice and Royal Pains but I also love Fringe, Eureka, Glee, and a British series called Misfits.

    Of those three have serious sci-fi weirdity to them.

  9. I'm not the biggest scifi fan, but Leon likes Dr. Who and Torchwood, although he's not sold on the new Dr.Who in the US - Miracle Day. We of course do get True Blood on iTunes but I'm sure there are different writers for season 3 which has gotten very odd. The story lines are disjointed and there are too many new "life forms" all in the small Louisiana town of BonTemps. There is a lot of blood in the episodes but little mention of "True Blood" the tasty synthetic blood that helps the Vamps keep their cravings under control. Not quite scifi, but weird.

  10. a good site for netflix suggestions is doublechub.com. they offer weekly suggestions, plus users can rate them so your bound to find something you'll like



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