Saturday, August 6, 2011

Man In The Mirror

An acquaintance who I hadn't seen in over six months asked me recently "When did you stop tinting?" Which is gay for "Why the hell did you stop dying your hair?"

I told him "It was just getting to be a chore, it's too messy."

He looked at me with his heavily "tinted" mane and said, "Oh, I have mine done every three weeks,  It's only forty dollars."

I thought, should I tell him I use the drugstore brand at $5.99 and get three uses out of it? but I just said, "Well, that's more than I can afford and I was hoping that people would either begin treating me with more respect or that I'd become completely invisible - AND I want to be sure to get every senior discount I possibly can."  Obviously, I should not have shared that, because he moved on to talk to others in the group.

Honestly, though, I am not aging gracefully.  I probably haven't LIVED gracefully either.  I don't think I've done anything gracefully.  I look at this old grey guy in the mirror every morning and don't recognize him.  Sometimes he frightens me.

This morning I decided to use up the one-third of the color left from last winter.  Now I still don't recognize the guy in the mirror.  I'm not sure it's the hair.  And I think I like the grey better.
The color doesn't work well on face hair.


  1. You look great either way. My partner tints but I decided long ago to take it as it comes. Grey just starting to appear on the sides! Nothing wrong with grey and if I had to vote I'd go for the grey you!

  2. I kind of regret this last "tint" - but it will be just a memory in a few weeks.

  3. I stopped dying my hair a few years ago too. I agree with Craig you look good either way because your not dying it black as coal like some guys do.

  4. You guys are too kind. Thanks.

  5. I can relate Frank; I don't recognize the guy in the mirror either. The only consolation is that it happens to everyone - check the video I posted this week of Graham Nash. And so many others we could name, famous or not.

    It's not until it happens to you that the enormous cruelty of aging becomes apparent. Such a terrible thing, really. I look at pictures of my parents when they were young and vivacious and good-looking; then I remember them when they were older, and realize that they must have been as horrified as we are, inwardly. Of course, our parents' generation didn't say such things out loud, at least mine didn't - but I wish I had had the insight I have now while they were still around to talk to.

    But we have to make the best we can out of the cards we are dealt.

    Tip - try the JFM *beard* goo on your goatee, leave the hair alone, if you want a little color but not the whole hog.

  6. Thanks Russ,
    I guess there is only one alternative to aging and we will all experience that someday. Meanwhile, keep moving, stay healthy (as much as possible) and celebrate "grey pride".

  7. Silver-haired men turn me on. Just saying...

  8. Gray Pride . . . damn Frank I just spewed my coffee over that one, lol. Good one, buddy.

  9. Just noticed this post today. I definitely prefer the natural you. Very handsome. Striking, Interesting. And reinforced my decision to not try tinting my own minimal stubble! (Not that I'll be handsome, striking, or interesting like you!)

  10. Mitch, you're too flattering. Of course you are a handsome guy yourself.



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