Thursday, August 4, 2022

PDF File of Did YouEver See A Horse Go By? A Coming Out Memoir by Frank DeFrancesco

I am finally putting this out there for anyone who wishes to read it.

I am definitely in a different place than I was when I wrote the original book in 2014. Looking at it now I find it to be a bit raw. By that I mean I see how emotionally and psychologically revealing I allowed myself to be. And perhaps how vulnerable. It is a little disconcerting to see myself so "naked" in print now. Hey, as the song goes, "I am what I am!"

The other point to be taken here is that the print copy was never anywhere near the success I had naively hoped it to be! (See posts below for the Amazon reviews) And even though several copies were verifiably purchased, I received approximately $20.98 in "royalties" - and I never really knew how many print copies or Kindle or e-copies were sold.  I was dismayed that the print book was way overpriced by the publisher.

I decided not to serialize my memoir as it would require way too much effort to cut and past and do that on a weekly or daily basis. Besides the sections of the book would be in reverse order. So....

Here is the PDF file of the complete book: Did You Ever See A Horse Go By? A Coming Out Memoir  (C) 2014, 2022 Frank DeFrancesco

(This is the Revised, Re-edited edition with New Material and a FEW New Color Photos as I had to delete some because the file was too large)

It is also on the Blog dedicated to the book

If you click on the box in the top right hand corner the file will open in a new, larger window which may be easier to read. Then zoom out or in with your browser controls to find your best viewing comfort.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey thanks, Frank, for sharing this with us. I clicked on the box like you said and YES! the print is nice and big so even blind old bats like me can read it, LOL! I have bookmarked your blog dedicated to this book and I will work my way through the pdf book version as time permits. I'm a slow reader though, I warn you! I'll leave comments on your book blog from time to time.

Frank said...

Thanks Debra!

Russ Manley said...

I read your book already - thanks again - but today I just wanted to see the color pics, so I started on the PDF and re-read the first seven chapters! Still a very good read, and as I've told you before, I relate SO MUCH to the whole church/sex/self-abuse/guilt/depression thing. I was in a small, strict evangelical church without liturgy, ritual, or beauty - but our experiences were remarkably parallel. Maybe it's the same for all gay boys with a religious inclination.

And outside of church the never fitting in and never knowing who's got you pegged, or where the next blow will come from. And feeling of being the only homo in the world. Gay kids today have no idea. But I can't write about my experiences in the way you can, at such length - I've tried but it's still just too sad. You've made a great contribution to gay history with this.

Good on you for putting this into PDF - I'm enjoying it and the print is easier to read. Now I'll just have to re-read the rest of the book!

Frank said...

Russ, Thanks for your kind words and endorsement. While I get no monetary reward for this I do hope it gets a wider audience than did the book. Please share the link with others.

Russ Manley said...

Sure thing, buddy. The link will be live on my blog at 8 a.m. tomorrow.


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