Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Food for Thought

 I just want to say a few words about where our food comes from and to express my gratitude for those who work tirelessly, (no, probably not tirelessly), to keep food in our stores and on our tables. 

I think working in my garden, my tiny little vegetable garden, in the heat of the morning is difficult. Fighting bugs, squirrels, scorching sun and drought is not easy. Picking a short row of green beans is a big pain in my back. 

These folks do it on a scale that is mind-boggling. And these photos are just a few of the smaller farms that we’ve seen in our travels. These are farms in the central coastal area of California. 

It amazes me how much food must be produced uninterrupted to feed us all. Here there are rows and rows of the field in various stages of planting, growing, harvesting and prepping. 

Farm workers earn (from what I can gather on Google) between $11 and $20 per hour; maybe $17,900 per year. This is the equivalent of slavery in today’s economy. 


  1. Yes, farm workers are (and have always been, it seems) among the most heavily exploited of work forces.

  2. It is indeed not only an exploited Labor Force to be a Farm Worker, but when I see whose working the Fields, an exploited and marginalized demographic as well.



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