Sunday, May 2, 2021

In Memorium: Olympia Dukakis

A marvelous actor and friend to the LGBT community. Olympia Dukakis in Cloudburst. (If you haven't seen it, the full movie is on YouTube).

 Olympia Dukakis in her role as Ms. Madrigal in the Original series, Tales of the City. (On Netflix) 



  1. She was so good in everything!


  2. A true great. And she was the perfect Anna Madrigal!

  3. Yes, I've seen both and she was marvelous in them! A favourite actress of mine. RIP

  4. Forever remembered - and frequently quoted - in our house:

    "Would you call that grape or aubergine?"

  5. Back then I had never heard of an aubergine. If she had said eggplant or melanzane I might have gotten the reference! Which of course is why I can relate to "Moonstruck" more than "Steel Magnolias" despite its gay sensibilities. Our cultural background are powerful influences.

  6. Yes they are. I had to look up "aubuergine" myself - they are eggplants to us down here as well. But it was indicative of the character's feminine, un-athletic side to refer to a fashion color while looking at football uniforms. I have to say that for a Yankee gal, she did pull off a well-to-do Southern matron rather well - a fine actress.

    BTW the author of Steel Magnolias is family - as you might expect. Look him up.



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