Monday, May 6, 2019

Recently On Netflix

We have been watching two new Netflix Original series: Special and Bonding.

Both have gay male characters who are "mentored" by strong, independent women but in totally different contexts. Both series are well-written, kind of sexy, and full of little surprises.

Both series are following what must be a new kind of format where episodes are no more than 15 minutes or so long. We ended up watching the entire series of Bonding and Special in one evening each.

Special follows a 20-something gay man with a "mild" case of cerebral palsy as he seeks independence from an overprotective mother and finds support in a no-nonsense female co-worker who pushes him into new territory.

Bonding brings together a female grad student who is a dominatrix in her spare time and a young, awkward gay guy who she hires as her "assistant" and insurance against would-be nefarious clients.

The short, 15 minute episodes are just enough to make the viewer want to see more. Light, sometimes outrageous, sometimes funny, these shows may be just what you need after watching the Evening News.

1 comment:

  1. We started to watch Special and were disappointed, so stopped after 3 episodes. But we were surprised to enjoy Bonding.



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