Wednesday, December 26, 2018

" 'Twas The Day After Christmas"

'Twas two days before Christmas when here in our town
The sun was a-shining and the earth was so brown
The temperatures soared to at least fifty-five 
So we got in the car and went for a drive
To Santa Fe Plaza, Zafarano and KMart
Where last minute gifts were tossed into the cart

Then the night before Christmas the town was all lit
With colorful lights that twinkled a bit
We drove around town to see the display
In our car - no horse, no open sleigh
Back home within minutes, our town is so small
We wished Merry Christmas to all

But the day after Christmas we got a surprise
The white stuff was falling just after sunrise
It coated the ground then piled up high
So heavy and thick, it blocked out the sky
The dog was excited to see the new snow
He waited for me, a snowball to throw

We had fun like we did when we lived in the east
Walking through snow, just me and the beast
It occurred to me then, that a person of snow
In our front yard would make a good show
Three balls of snow, a carrot, a hat
The silly snow sculpture appeared, just like that

Then by the fire, we wished friends all good cheer
The day after Christmas and... 
Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, talk about one extreme to the other! Your snowman is AWESOME! Love the rainbow Mickey Mouse hat and those crazy dusters for arms! Sounds like you've had a great holiday season. Best wishes for 2019!

  2. Priceless photos and brilliant poetry! A veritable Clement Seymour!

  3. Delightful poem & photos! Rainbow-eared snowman made me laugh out loud.



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