Sunday, July 22, 2018

What the Fuck Happened to the Age of Aquarius?

Remember the 1960s and 70s? Watergate, Vietnam, MASH, Free Love (for straights), Woodstock, civil rights, Kent State, LSD, pot, HAIR the Musical?

And they (our elders) thought we were all going to hell. But hey, it was the Age of Aquarius, right? But it was all Doris Day, Mr. Rodgers and milk-toast compared to 2018.

I have been very exasperated lately, addicted to the immediate news available on the internet...waiting, expecting, anticipating, salivating for the one, final, irrefutable treasonable act or past felony by our so-called president, that will finally end our collective nightmare.


If one tenth of his transgressions had been attributed to his predecessor, Obama would have been impeached and tried for treason. That this sad, embarrassing, wreck of a man, DT (I have refused to utter his name since the election) is allowed to remain in office is beyond incredible. But George Will has said it better than I ever could (see clip below).

But, yes, I've been exasperated, exhausted, frustrated, depressed. So beyond anger that I feel numb. So I've not had the energy or passion to write much on this blog, particularly about politics or the state of the world.

Also, please read an excellent post by my blog-brother Russ Manley: (George Will: This Sad, Embarrassing Wreck of a Man")

I am reposting the MSNBC segment with George Will (a former conservative republican) here:

And my comment here:

I agree with Michael in that scarier than DT alone, is the fact that he, DT, still has die-hard supporters who, in the face of all facts and logic still are adamant in their baseless, twisted, misinformed and erroneous beliefs. And that some of them will, I believe, violently fight anyone who threatens their world-view. 

Given Bannon's evil ambition to transform the world into a extreme far-right ideological monolith, and the fact that there are groups willing and able to carry his banner (no pun intended), I fear that the story has only just begun. That this "movement" is an almost world-wide phenomena (however small) is, in keeping with your latin references, a "mysterium tremendum et fascinans." i.e. somewhat of a mystery, both horrifying and fascinating.

In either case they, (trumpanzees or bannonites), are, perhaps (hopefully), in the throes of philosophical death, so they are mustering every conceivable means of hanging on to their identity and belief systems. And perhaps the only antidote is to continually badger them with light and truth.

We aging hippies believed in (or at least sang about) the Age of Aquarius...with "harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding." What the fuck ever happened to that?

And then there's this: 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, describing next week’s “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom” [among more than 60 countries abroad] in an appearance on Tony Perkins’ (an SPLC designated hate group's) radio show: 
  • “We expect for this to be far more than just talk. We’ll be laying out a path where we’re hopeful that the State Department here in the United States can lead a process where religious freedom is raised as a priority for the citizens of every country.” 
My reaction:
My stomach just flipped. This MUST be unconstitutional at some level. But they won't talk about civil rights violations or LGBT rights or the imprisonment and murders of LGBT persons in several of those of those countries. Beyond hypocrisy, this proposal is an insidious attempt at establishing pseudo-christian theocratic states here and abroad: it is the pseudo-christian version of fundamentalist islamic sharia law.


  1. Blog-brother, I like that. Appreciate ya, Frank.

  2. In answer to your title question, I refer you to "Hotel California" and the line "we haven't had that spirit here since 1969." The Eagles knew 42 years ago that the Age of Aquarius was dead, having survived about as long as the Arab Spring. I'll admit we'd faked it pretty well until 2016 when all that pent-up frustration with human rights and personal freedom exploded in a wave of patriotic hatred and nostalgic bigotry... and a yearning for authoritarianism. And here we are.



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