Tuesday, September 26, 2017

In Search of Sand, Salt Water, Rainbow Flags and Linguini With Clam Sauce - Part Two: Sand

Part Two: Sand

This is mostly a photo essay with lots of SAND. Forgive me if many of the photos seem repetitive, but I think the changing light makes for some pretty spectacular pictures - click to enlarge. A few have captions.

American Graffiti 
A Few Miles Of Drivable Beach
A Few Miles of Rollable Beach

Loving That Sand

Patterns In The Seaweed
Angel Wings
Sand Dollars (They sell for $.50 in the gift shop)

A Famous Pismo Clam?
This One's Worth At Least $.75

Gulls In The Sand
Boys In The Sand


  1. Did you come home with a lot of sea shells? How about sand?

  2. What fabulous photos! The striations in the sand are quite fascinating, and you and Leon and Benni add human (canine?) interest. All very frameable - good job, Frank. You picked a great spot to vacation in.

  3. This looks amazing. Excellent photos. Although those Boys in the Sand are not much reminiscent of P-Town.

  4. We definitely had some sand in our shoes and in the truck...but not as much as we usually get in Ptown. A great spot...but not quite reminiscent of Ptown...see part 3, coming soon.



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