Thursday, June 18, 2015

Despite Endless Human Tragedies There Is Still Beauty In The World

I'm not much for overpriced guest houses, pretentious restaurants, gay guys with attitude or outfits that cost more than I make on Social Security in a week, or t-shirts or tourist souvenirs.

Here is respite from the horrors that plague the world of humanity.

This is my Provincetown. Natural beauty. Solitude. Peace. Quiet.

Sunset at Race Point last evening.

Off on the Snail Trail this morning. The dunes are spectacular. The sand is not hot at this time of year, so you can hike out barefooted. No cacti to worry about.
This Desert Has No Prickleys 

Helpful Trail Marker

I'm whooped!

Finally at the beach
Wild Orchids - The iPhone doesn't do macro I guess.

A long hike back to the car

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Russ Manley said...

A much-needed reminder.


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