Friday, July 18, 2014

The Beach Makes Me Happy

The beach makes me happy the way nothing else can.

Really. The Endorphins flow. I am content. It's heaven.

On a perfect or near perfect beach day I spontaneously lose 40 years and 30 pounds.

That was today. I was 26 and 137. My hair was brown with some light streaks and I stood just a little taller. My wrinkles disappeared along with the liver spots. (Although you can't tell from the photo) And I was virtually pain free (except for a short bout of sciatica from sitting which I relieved by lying down for a bit.)

The day was certainly near perfect: sunny, blue skies, 83 degrees, negligible humidity, a light breeze. It was not a weekend so the crowds were tolerable. I have a senior pass, so it was free to get into the State Beach.

I listened to music, read, had a light lunch, walked the length of the beach from end to end and back - four miles total.

I saw only one group of about 9 or 10 college boys with nice bodies. I thought it was the gay section, but they had 3 girls among them, so I couldn't be sure.

Actually I don't think there is a gay section anymore. Years ago there was a gay section. You could tell by the proliferation of men with speedos and bikinis. But speedos and bikinis are out, surfer shorts are (still) in, unless you are at a real gay beach, then you'll see speedos and bikinis and skimpier things.

Feeling like 26
Blue Skies 
The Water is Murky -
Can't See Your Feet in Waist Deep Water
From One End (East)
To The Other End (West)
Beach Blanket Still Life
When I think about it, what does one really need at the beach? A blanket or towel, a swim suit (or not), an umbrella, some sun screen, a simple sandwich, a piece of fruit, a cold drink, some Sergio Mendes, a book. Everything else is superfluous.

Walking barefooted, minimal clothing, kissed and caressed by the sun, somewhat bohemian, no baggage. EVERYTHING ELSE IS SUPERFLUOUS.

There were only two things I could think of that made the day near perfect instead of perfect:
1) ONE big green beach fly, (but I got him before he got me)
2) it was not a nude beach

One near perfect beach day each summer is a necessity. A few more wouldn't hurt. The beach makes me happy.


  1. Sounds good, man. Hope you have many more such days.

  2. I love the beach too but hardly ever get to go to it even though it's not that far away. But this is NJ and there's always traffic, crowds and more excuses. I'm glad you felt good and had a good time there.

  3. If it weren't for the dog, (excuse) I'd drive down to Sandy Hook for a day trip and pick you up along the way. The older I get the more of a hassle it seems. There was a time when we would think twice about driving 2 or 3 hours to get to the (nude) beach for the day.

  4. I'd take you at 66, 167, and gray haired any day. Hell, I'd take your hair!!! I also find my bliss at the beach. Too bad you can't keep that feeling all the time.



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