Monday, January 27, 2014

Carpentry Project Phase I

We got all the stuff we needed for this minor project at HomoDepot. Some stuff we already had or was salvaged from Leon's doing home/garage/basement clean up jobs.

So tools in hand we set out to build a closet and shelving between an existing wall and the basement stairs. We had already removed the existing wall down to the studs.

Our friend Dave came over to help with the rewiring of a couple of outlets before we started the carpentry.

On TV home makeovers they do an entire house remodel in a weekend. Issues like we have to deal with are, for them, insignificant. For example:

The basement floor is not exactly level.

The cordless drill battery dies after drilling six holes and screwing six screws.

The drill bit breaks.

The battery falls out.

The level gets misplaced.

The new switch plate gets misplaced.

That new 90 degree angle screwdriver attachment gets misplaced.

We spend lots of time looking for the above.

The plywood that it took ten minutes to get into place needs to be notched out and getting it out is more difficult than getting it in.

The power drill/screwdriver is too big to get into the available space.


After all that, we are quite proud of our progress after day one.

On the front half here will be shelves on one side open to the basement stairway and storage below the shelving open to the garage side; then on the back half there will be a closet open to the garage side.

Tomorrow we both have a busy schedule, so we'll get back to the project as soon as we can. How do those home makeover people do it?


  1. I hope you and Leon get along while all this is going on. Speaking from experience I know how tempers can flare and get on each others nerves.
    I did an entire house with someone years ago and looking back I don't know how we did it.
    I hope the rest goes well. Most houses are never level.

  2. Those home makeover people do it by having an entire crew on-hand and every tool they could wish for... And they get paid big bucks to do it. Your progress is admirable. I love these kinds of projects.

  3. We got the arguing out of our system before we started. Leon pictures the finished product in his mind. I have to see all the pieces in actual time and space. He can try to explain his vision, but I have to touch it and feel it and see it. (OK, that too). I tell him it won't work, we argue, he proves me wrong. Oh well.

    I could use a crew. How about the Kitchen Cousins? or Marc Bartolomeo?



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