Friday, May 3, 2013

What I've Been Doing This Week

Replaced a number of cracked slate slabs in the patio which necessitated re-configuring the whole thing. Of course all the slate is salvaged and none are exactly the same size or shape.  And, as much as I don't like jigsaw puzzles, it's kept me away from the the internet some.  The weather has been spectacular and I feel much better psychologically and physically.  I'm also down 20 pounds since Thanksgiving.


  1. Lovely to see you back Frank! Lovely job on the patio too. Glad to hear that you're feeling well.

  2. Thanks guys, I'm not quite back yet - the garden is tilled and I will get to planting soon, the lawn needs mowing and the stone wall needs repairs, and....

  3. The patio is a work of art. And I'm sure you are, too. Congrats on the weight loss!



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