Monday, June 11, 2012

Integrity's Video on Transgender Stories

Thanks to Father Geoff Farrow.

What I find inspiring in addition to these wonderful individuals themselves is the ability of a religious perspective to be such a strong advocate for authenticity;  What I find disconcerting is that at the same time other, similar, religious perspectives, often in the same denominations, even in the same jurisdictions can be so very inauthentic and regressive.


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  1. Oh wow, Frank, what a wonderful and powerful film! I've really been wanting to see something like this for year for and from the trans community. Thanks so much for posting, I'll have to reblog it on the Blue Truck too.

    The Episcopal Church has made breathtaking progress since I joined 25 years ago - some parts of it, anyway. Unfortunately I've been stuck in a seceded, virulently anti-gay diocese for years now, so I can't be there to see the changes. But from afar, I look forward to the same-sex wedding liturgies that people say will be approved at General Convention this summer.

    FWIW, once many years ago I was one of a few people who tried to get an Integrity chapter started in the town where I then lived. But soon after we got approval from the Integrity HQ, I had to move away, so I don't know what happened to that little group.

    Thanks again for this great post.



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