Monday, October 8, 2018

Sand and Potato Chips

We returned home from our extended vacation just one week ago today. Two adults and a 100 pound dog in a small RV/camper with no slide-outs for five weeks was truly a test of love and endurance.

We didn't kill one another or even argue for that matter. Just enjoyed the closeness and learned to dance around one another while getting dressed or cooking or lounging.

I'm not sure I would want to do another long trip in that particular RV...something a bit roomier maybe.

As far as doing another trip out east to my favorite beach in all the world, well, I don't know if it will happen again.

One thing about getting old...the world of possibilities seems to shrink with every year. First of all there is the slowing of the engine, the aches and pains that make youthful activities a bit less enjoyable; then of course there's the shrinking finances - this trip was not cheap even though we stayed in our RV and cooked most of our own meals. The old Ford diesel was very thirsty.

I was ruminating on these thoughts while cleaning out the old Ford diesel pick-up this afternoon.

Vacuuming up the beach sand and potato chips on the floor of the truck, watching the sand get sucked up into the void like a memory fading into forgetfulness...was kind of sad and nostalgic and I wanted to save those grains of sand for some day when I need a beach fix.

The sand of Cape Cod is granite and quartz, grains of brown, tan, yellow, grey, pink, and clear crystal - large grains as beach sands go. Unique? Maybe not. But it's my sand and I love it.
Potato Chip Hazard Ahead?


  1. That was certainly a long trip! Enjoy your memories and enjoy the roomier comforts of being home again.

  2. Five weeks in a small camper and you're both still alive - it must be true love. My one camping experience with tents was disastrous, I've never used an RV, but I think I would soon be singing, "Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue." grin

    Nice that you got to see your "heaven" one more time at least. Must be what, 2 thousand miles each way? Now there's a writing topic for you sometime or other . . . The Journey to Heaven. Or not. Think it over.

  3. That IS a long trip and would exhaust anyone. But I find myself, too, wanting to BE someplace but nit wanting to have to get there.

  4. Beam me to the beach, Scottie.

  5. Lovely photos! And that doggie is adorbs. Five weeks in a small RV are a testimony to endurance. Vacuuming all that sand was probably worth it.




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