Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Little Road Trip

Leon has been working 10 and 11 days at a stretch and finally had four days off in a row! So we took a little road trip in our "new" used camper. 
Water From a Stump?
We Took a Wrong Turn:
"Journey of the Dead"
There's Lots of Rusty Iron Lying Around
Fence Art in T or C
The Very Large Array
(I Thought It Would Be Larger)

But the Clouds Are Interesting
Casitas Near the Elephant Butte Dam
Our First Trip With the "New" "Used" RV
Elephant Butte Lake
Lake Surrounded by Desert
Like/Not Like Ocean and Sand Dunes
Rio Grande Below the Dam
Side Trip to Chloride: Not Much There
What Happens to Old RVs
At Elephant Butte

Not Our Camper

Our Camper
Near Acoma

All Acoma Pueblo photos taken with permit.
Mission San Esteban, Acoma

View From Acoma Pueblo

In New Mexico rocks defy gravity.

Stairway Down From Acoma
Descending the Mesa 


  1. Great pics, looks like a fun trip. But don't you miss the snow in Connecticut?

  2. Interesting photos! Love the gravity-defying rock and those downward stone steps!

  3. Interesting photos! I like the gravity-defying rock and the downward stone steps -- they look kind of daunting.



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