Friday, December 25, 2015

Transforming the New Homestead

We've been working like no tomorrow. Here is the house after a little paint - the hearth is now a nice golden color, but is the kitchen too green? And it is looking more comfortable after much cleaning, rearranging and organizing. Even though we got rid of a lot of stuff before moving, there is still too much for this little house. We even got the garage organized for the tenth time. Hung drapes to keep the house warm at night and had wood delivered for the fireplace.


  1. I think the green looks fine in the kitchen, making a cool green frame for the arid vista beyond. And the golden hearth makes a snug, warm corner to curl up in next to the fire. You guys did a great job, just in time for Christmas cheer in the new house - hope your day was merry and bright.

  2. Thanks, Russ. I think the pink doors will have to go. There are so many nice carved wooden doors in NM and around Santa Fe and in our neighborhood. A little at a time.

  3. You two are incredible. It looks so settled and it looks like "you" already! I love the green in the kitchen --- although maybe not with those blue folding chairs :) but then again...

    We painted two walls in our living room a deep green. Some days I love it and some days I ask, "Is it too green?" But I figure "too green" is better than "too beige."

    And, having just read your response to Russ, I can now say what my Aunt Rozzie would have said, "The pink doors are INTERESTING."



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