Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Old House - Carpentry Project Day Two

This could have been a project for This Old House - before it became This New MacMansion. We live in this old house and we're building some shelves and a closet next to the basement stairs.

Except for new 2x3s we are using salvaged wood and scrap - some old shelving and plywood. We're not using drywall because we want to spend as little as possible on the project. So nothing is exactly the right width or length, so lots of measuring and cutting and getting around the electricity and switches.

The shelves will be open to the stairs so I can store my canned goods, and grocery items that I stock up on when they're on sale.

We moved the propane heater to the far side of the closet and had to reinstall it. I underestimate Leon's talents and attention to detail. He ran the propane line neatly down one side and secured it with copper brackets.

The closet, more like an alcove without doors will be for coats, the recycle bin and whatever else.

And there is a cubby hole for the air compressor.

Tomorrow or the next day: walling up the project. We are hoping we have enough plywood. And that we can cut it without wasting any.


  1. Somebody did a great job sweeping up too.

  2. Amazing progress! But you may want to re-think those shelves... What if you want to store grocery items that you DON'T get when on sale?!?

  3. We try to be neat...and I'll edit that to read "stock up on when they're on sale" ... the items I don't get when they're on sale stay in the grocery store where they are safe but not as handy.



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