Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Closet Pics - Day Three

OK, so it ain't pretty. It's "basementy" - like for a basement.

Couldn't wait to stock the shelves.

I'm all out of this beverage.

But there's wine.

So see, with light switches, telephone, garage door opener and electric outlet, this wasn't just a measure and cut project. And don't forget, this materials are salvaged, found, left over, re-use. Like the clothes hanger rod which was an old window washing pole.

The project isn't quite finished. There is some trim to add and we're trying to decide whether to paint it. I think Leon should "wall paper" with his collection of old license plates.


Russ Manley said...

Very impressive, looks quite handy. The license tags would be a great touch, IMO. Good work, guys.

Stan said...

Looks good! Oh wow there's a car in there too. I see I'm not the only one who drinks "Chock full of Nuts" coffee.

Frank said...

Chock full of nuts is not bad and I usually get it for less than $3 a can. Given the price of Dunkin and Starbucks...I brew my own.

Anonymous said...

Funny I noticed your picture from the comments in the favorite movie posts. From way back in the day at "Your Turf"

Frank said...

Hope you are well. Wish I knew who you are. You might find this post of interest:


Looks like a very good job to me. I would be hopeless at such a job, but then I've got other talents, as people keep reminding me. We all need to use the gifts that God has given us.

Mitchell is Moving said...

You guys got the work done fast! Great design. Great job. My OCD self likes the way you stocked the shelves... although a can or two could be turned just a tad.

I must be living under a rock. I had no idea there was "Tru Blood" beer (it IS beer, isn't it?)

Frank said...

Tru Blood is not beer! There's another story there, but it's not mine. Someone made the labels for a party; it was some kind of red soda.

Michael Kaye said...


I was just perusing this epistle when I noticed the propane heater mounted on a wooden wall.. Is that kosher in CT ? Is Leon available to work on our kitchen ?
Love from Michael & Becky
(Straight but not narrow !)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Check this out:

Frank said...



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