Friday, January 17, 2014

A Sunny, Mild Winter Day - Midwinter Report

Winter goes on. And on. Not my favorite season. Not much is new or exciting. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

It was a pleasant day today. A hike with the dog and Leon and Dottie and her dog Katija.

Vacuumed out the disgusting interior of the Honda Fit. Between the dog and winter crud, the car never stays clean in winter.

Did some writing and getting the basement ready for a project - Leon wants to put in a closet and some shelves so I had to move a bunch of "stuff". We will definitely have to go to Homo Depot because I don't have enough scrap lumber for this project.

Don't anyone hold your breath - it's going to be weeks (hopefully not months) before this is done.

Those Home and Garden shows make projects look SO easy. Everything goes smoothly. They have all the right tools.

When we do anything the drill bit we need is broken or breaks, the saw blade is dull, we don't have the right size screws, we cut the 2x4 one sixteenth of an inch too short, paint gets on the bottom of a shoe and the carpet, the fixture is too big or too small, another trip to the get the picture.

There's always FOOD. That is what I do best.

Made some home made pasta tonight with cauliflower and tuna. Mostly because I had cauliflower in the fridge and several cans of tuna in the cupboard. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

It's not often I make home made pasta, but I should do so more often. It's fairly easy and the results are so deliciously different from any dry box-pasta. Try it.

Details on my blog: Dinner's Ready.


  1. Skip on the Homo Depot lumber - it's mostly shitty lumber to begin with. Find a good lumberyard and support them.

    Second - measure twice, cut once. That's a biggie.

    And as to building out a closet, that's a half days work. Frame it, stick the wallboard up, paste and tape, sand, paint. Done.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure making fresh pasta is "as easy as pie" and I don't make pie. I remember those home-improvement projects. Five trips to Home Depot in one day!

  3. Well we've got a Home Depot gift card for Christmas, so in the frugality department, that is our best option. I measure six times and cut's the cutting part that I screw up because I don't have a decent saw...just an old circular saw - no table saw. And it definitely needs a new blade - which costs as much as the saw did when new.
    As for the closet...we have to remove an existing non-load bearing section of wall with electric service running to an outlet and light switch, and a wall-mounted propane space heater - all on the garage side of the stairway...perhaps I should post some photos...Leon wants a closet on the garage side and shelving on the stairway this point I'm ready to postpone the project for another 20 years.
    Come to think of it, Rhode Island isn't that far...if you're not doing anything next Saturday......I'll provide dinner.



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