Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy

These are the values I was taught in Catholic school. There are some vociferous Catholics, some who are politicians, some who are bishops, who were apparently absent during all of these lessons.

 LINK to a Video about the Sisters of Mercy.


  1. 12 years of Catholic Schools. The first eight we had two nuns from the Sisters of Mercy in the school. There was the 1st grade teached Sister Florentia, and then 5th grade was Sister Claire-Marie.

    Then high school was the Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist de LaSalle.

    Brother Joseph Ventura, Brother Ralph Darmento, Brother Stephen, Brother Anthony, Brother Eugene, Brother Gregory and so on. One priest, Rev. Mike Hunt I kid you not.

    One nun - Sister Maureen whose last name escape me.

    Steeped in all of that I'm still an atheist. Go figure.

  2. Thanks for posting this, a very sweet video that ought to make people stop and reflect. Even my hard-bitten, fundamentalist, Bible-believing fellow Texans who don't know nothing about them wicked, devil-worshippin' Catholics!

    It also offers a corrective to the strident, arrogant, loudmouthed atheists of the present day who would love to see all religious belief disappear - but have nothing to offer in its place, save for sex, drugs, and self-centered hedonism.



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