Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Niece Andrea Sings and Plays Guitar


  1. What talent! Thanks for the introduction!

  2. I'm impressed! You posted a video of Andrea singing some time back, but this seems to have better production values and gives a much better idea of her talent. She really does sound very professional - country boy here hasn't listened to pop music for a long, long time, but she sounds ready for the big time to me - God knows there are plenty of other people out there getting big bucks who can't sing half as well. She has a lovely smile, and it was a lovely song - love the coyote howl btw! Gorgeous guitar too - a small detail but somehow that just made her performance stand out. All good luck to her!

  3. Thank you Russ,
    I will pass on your compliments to Andrea. This is her first video and it was done by her and her mom and dad with three cameras and edited by either her or her dad, I'm not sure. But they did a fine job.
    Thanks again.



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