Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Said It Before, I'll Say It Again

For What It's Worth Department:

I posted this comment (pending moderation) on the blog IZZOIZ after another rather boorish post about the Catholic Church and Cardinal Bergoglio/Francis I, criticizing his supposed support of LGBT Civil Unions in Argentina when faced with the likely passage of same-gender marriage there.

So, I guess it's OK for Barack Obama and the Clintons to evolve in their views about same-gender marriage, but not so much for someone "Catholic" like Bergoglio.  Your coverage of anything Catholic seems like just another opportunity for you to express hatred rather than give any in-depth information.

Look, I have been a vocal critic of the Catholic Church, especially while it was under the influence of Ratzinger (read my blog).  But I think there is a way to present a story or to editorialize, that is honest, even brutally honest, but still maintains some semblance of intellectual maturity. 

Compare your headline with that of the - yours is clearly biased as is your snide editorial comment.

Like I said, we all know there is much to criticize about the Catholic Church, but just making the same old pernicious comments over and over does not add anything intellectual to the discussion.

I, and maybe other readers, would be more inclined to take you seriously if your hatred didn't come across as your main point.  It goes well beyond righteous indignation or anger; by painting with a broad brush of name-calling your blog entries on the subject are often both offensive and entirely laughable.

Grow up.

As there are plenty of blogs out there that are reporting on LGBT news, I am removing IZZOIZ from my reading list;  I am considering doing the same for another blog, however that blog is better written and more insightful, except when it come to "Catholic" issues, so I will put that decision on hold.


  1. Honey Lamb, did you not get the joke? Francis was the one who said that civil unions was the lesser of two evils. Not me. I always post a link to the article as you know. I said the following: How honey, i could go on about the true evils of this world and you and your Catholic pedophile cover up friends would top the list.

    even though it is actually true, it was a joke. I think maybe you should take the time to think before your react. Feel free to remove me from your blogroll. Because for all your rant about Obama and Clinton evolving, you know damn well the Catholic church will not. And lets face it, the new "queen" won't either....that was a joke, get it ;)

  2. And I expect your intelligent comment will never see the light of day on THAT blog.

  3. If it was a "joke", I didn't get it.

  4. Well said, Frank. The fact is, there is a great deal of bigotry and prejudice on the gay side of the ledger - not to mention terribly sloppy thinking and hasty, sweeping generalizations, and just plain old crudity.

    In fact, I seem to see this in just about every one of the big gay blogs, and I've given up calling them out on it - though once in a great while my typing fingers still react before my brain says, Why bother?

    The whole modern world is eaten up with a steadily declining level of politesse and reasonableness: becoming one big Jerry Springer Show. And that makes me want to throw up. One does not have to be a rightwing fundamentalist to be a monkeybrain, as many examples would show.

    Still, I applaud your rightminded effort here.



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