Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Words on Pope Francisco and the Bloggers

Church of St Francis, Assisi, Italy
Many of the gay blogs are all aflutter - most finding and re-blogging all the negative stuff about the new Pope Francisco.  How he is a gay hater and fought against marriage equality in Argentina, etc. etc.  Like they are shocked or surprised or disappointed or, more truthfully, enjoying the opportunity to bask in their self-righteous condemnations.

Yeah, Jorge has a history.  And, based on that history, he is not likely to become a friend to the LGBT communities of the US or Argentina or Europe or anywhere else, anytime soon.

But he also has a history of service to the poorest of the poor and a prayerful humility that is fertile ground for seeds of change.  Perhaps those seeds will sprout and grow this time around.

While I question Pope Francis' sexual and theological orthodoxy, I recognize that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a very different sort of man than was Joseph Ratzinger.  And that Pope Francisco will be a very different Pope than Benedict.

Today, a little over a day since this Pope was elected, I think it is premature to assume that the man in the white cassock is going to act exactly like the man who wore the red one on Tuesday.

While I am not optimistic about any forward movement of the Catholic Church in its stance toward gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, neither am I entirely pessimistic about the new Pope.

My gut feeling says, wait.


  1. Well it's not like we were ever going to get a gay loving liberal as Pope is it?! So I agree, lets see how he settles in. He seems like a good choice to me... Benedict never seemed to fit the role in my opinion.

  2. I appreciate hearing your point of view, Frank. I've refrained from blogging anything at all about Francis because I don't want to prejudge him. Though it's hard to imagine anyone elected by a curia packed with Justice Scalia types will make revolutionary changes in doctrine or practice.

    Yet my first impression when he stepped out on the balcony was that he had a kind, honest face. I could be wrong, of course - but wait and see is a good attitude before drawing any conclusions.

    Benedict should never have been pope, in my view.



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