Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flag Against A Blue Sky, Fresh Baked Bread, and A Little Stir-Crazy

Winters are way too long.  At least here in New England.  And longer the older I get - that seems to be a sentiment shared by others in my age bracket.
Even though I go hiking every day with Benni and often with Dottie and Leon too, the routine is getting monotonous.  Walking the dog, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning house, reading blogs and news, writing, watching the TV, fighting with remote controls and every other electronic device, sealing grout, recycling the recyclables, doing laundry....I am feeling stir-crazy.  The Senior Center where I volunteer is closed for renovations, so I don't have that diversion either...
This winter we've not gone South at all.  Or North. Or East or West.  I think we need a little break.  I've been waiting on a doctor's appointment (annual check-up) which is coming up on Wednesday;  it was booked two months ago and was the first available appointment (adventures in Health Care), so we've been waiting, but haven't made any plans.  I hope we can do a four or five day jaunt to somewhere, maybe up to the Gargoyle House or even out to Cape Cod.
Meanwhile the sky here is a deep winter blue and the home made bread just came out of the oven a while ago.  Leon is in NYC at a Lambda Car Club Event so Benni and I are about to go off on a little hike.  It's not so bad, really, but a change of scenery would be nice...


  1. I remember that feeling. Glad you're at least past the shortest day of the year. I can't tolerate more than a day or two of that wintery weather, but I might be temporarily happier with some of that beautiful bread.

  2. Winter has been pretty mild around these parts. Snow hasn't accumulated more than a dusting in most cases. In fact I can think only one storm where I had to salt the steps and sidewalk.

    So now I have a 50lb bag of rock salt that I bought two years ago that is still half way full.

    And me - I define mild as no snow or ice. Yes, you can have sub-zero temps and such so long as there's no snow.

    In fact - a cold, still night is very refreshing. But I hate when the wind whips it up.

  3. I feel it too. What I hate most is consecutive days of cloudiness like a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd go mad. The routine gets to me too. But with no vacation or getaway funds that's not going to happen anytime soon.
    Hang in there.



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