Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still Here

Went to PTown on Saturday to make reservations for the campground for late August and into mid September.

Leon and Steven

Last summer on our last day in PTown we (Leon, I, Bruno, Steven and Tony) were walking down Commercial Street and Bruno, off leash as usual, decided to turn down the drive next to the Boatslip toward the bay. I said outload, "He wants to say good bye to the beach." Out of nowhere, Leon starts bawling. "What is it?" I asked him, alarmed that something was terribly wrong. Between sobs, Leon blurted out, "Like he knows it will be his last time at the beach, in PTown." Then I started to cry too.

That was the other reason for coming to PTown early this thwart the superstitious and defy the gods. Bruno swam and walked the town.

Steven, Leon and Bruno

PTown Street Scenes

Back home the Lady Slippers are in bloom

Mr. Arizona is sprouting too


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