Sunday, August 13, 2017

On 45's Refusal To Call Domestic Terrorism What It Is

45's prepared remarks are always written by staff member (who try to make him sound human and sincere) and he reads them as if he never saw the words. Written statements from him are always insincere (or should I say lies).  Even then, he didn't denounce the hate groups, the white supremacists and Nazis responsible for reprehensible violence in Charlottesville on Saturday and name them as he insisted other terrorists be named.

It is the off-the-cuff, thoughts-out-loud, spontaneous remarks (e.g. referring to the bigotry and hatred and violence "on many sides" - a phrase that was clearly not in the prepared statement - that always reveal his truly despicable nature.

With those few words he negates the entire speech he had just made and simultaneously throws meat to his ravenous white supremacist and Nazi supporters without whom he would not be where he is - and he knows it.

He has no values, ethics or ideology beyond power and money and is willing to use any group or ideology, no matter how evil, to his advantage to get and keep both.

He is so far beyond anything words can describe, and we know how often words have been used to try...nothing comes close.

I am sickened.


  1. I am sickened too. He is the perversion of all that America is and should be -- yet MILLIONS of people would follow him anywhere.

    I'm afraid to think where all this is going.

  2. Ditto. I didn't think I could hate anyone this much... And he makes me hate his supporters and toadies even more.

  3. You know, Mitch, I still cannot bring myself to use the word "hate" no matter all his despicable words and actions.



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