Friday, July 28, 2017

Breaking Silence

I haven't posted anything political for some time, but that's not to say I don't have a few thoughts:

Perhaps McCain's recent stay in the hospital, receiving top-notch health care paid for by Congress' premium health insurance plan made him consider what others, with lesser means, would have done in similar circumstances. And, sadly, his terminal diagnosis may have put him in a position of "nothing to lose" by his maverick vote. I'm not sure he's had any real enlightenment however.

As for all the anti-LGBT shenanigans by various players in, near and dear to this abominable administration: we (LGBT folks) knew it was coming.

Those who downplayed the ability and will of the Republican party to destroy all the civil rights gains made by women, LGBTs, blacks and immigrants obviously had their collective head in the sand.

Those of us who fought the war and won our rights will do so again if need be. Unfortunately the young ones among us have taken too much for granted and, being used to having things provided without their expending any effort, may be in for a rude awakening when they are asked to participate in regaining their own liberation.

I, for one, have been somewhat surprised at the tenacity of this group of White House bozos to remain relatively untouched by their own foibles and illegitimacy.

And by the slowness of their supporters to catch on. But then, I probably give people more credit for common sense than they deserve.

I watch as "all the best people" are fired, resign, or cannibalize one another without any lasting consequence, perhaps because all things are newsworthy for about twenty minutes and fade away as if they had never happened by the following Monday.

Honestly, I am surprised that the whole administration is taking so long to spontaneously combust.

And a part of me fears what will happen when it it does.

Talk about Mike Pence. He is the devil waiting in the background and boy, will he smile diabolically

as he takes the presidential oath. That is when, I fear, the incompetent court jesters will be replaced by storm troopers with a plan.


  1. As you wrote on my blog, Frank, the goings-on in Washington are simply obscene, and too ugly to watch. I don't think this is going to end well or quietly, though I pray I am wrong. Eventually, in the long run, no doubt there will be a big leftward swing of the pendulum - nobody, not even the diehard conservatives can fail to see the utter hypocrisy and incompetence now at the top of our government - but how long it will be till the counter-revolution I have no idea. I am very afraid that there will be bloodshed before we get there, to a small or large degree, if things are not resolved quickly. All too frightful to contemplate.

    Does anybody in Washington - and the media - have good sense left, and the will to use it? Let us pray.

  2. I, too, worry about Pence if _____ goes. That's some scary shiz.
    But as _____ keeps trying to destroy progress, more people will shift left so maybe a _____-Pence mess will be shortlived.

  3. I wish I could disagree. But you are, sadly, so right!



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