Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Mexico's Senator Udall Reads Coretta Scott King's Letter

Our New Mexico Senator, Tom Udall had the floor today and read the entirety of Coretta Scott King's letter opposing Sessions' previous nomination as Federal Judge.

Thank you Senator Udall for standing against the nomination of Senator Sessions for US Attorney General and for vindicating Senator Elizabeth Warren who was cruelly and vindictively shut down by the spineless and petty republican majority.

Please, continue to resist the regressive and dangerous Republican agenda. We are with you.

Thank you.

As far as the spineless republicans shutting down Senator Elizabeth Warren, they might have just as well invoked rule Number 798,562. It was a blatant attack on Warren. They despise her 1) because she is a woman, 2) because she is not afraid to speak truth to power, 3) because they are embarrassed to see their sins written in the sand. Seems like they had all kind of excuses why she was censured but the men who read Coretta King's letter were not.

Please listen to Senator Udall's entire speech. He is not afraid to tell the truth about our president.

I have vowed not to use the name of the president, nor honor his title with a capital P.

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  1. My refusal to name the president had little to do with choice. I simply couldn't bring myself to do it even I had wanted to. I've actually most easily been referring to him as ¨he who must not be named.¨



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