Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What We Do For Love

What we do for love. 

Leon had me sign on as an official BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Volunteer so that I could help him re-position and antenna that had fallen - a task that needed two people and four hands.

We had to hike up to the peak of a small mountain near Tent Rocks, where there is no trail. It was a mile up to the peak (and of course, a mile back) and a hefty climb at that.

We accomplished our task, reinforced the mount for the antenna and tightened up the guy-wires, so it's looking good. Communications restored.

I say, what we do for love...because I was a little nervous this morning with weather reports calling for downpours and flash-flooding -- something that would tell you to avoid arroyos and mountainsides.

And the fact that I'm almost 68 1/2.

But I kept up and did the hike.

The views were great - and not a viewpoint that most people would get to see as it is in an area that's off-limits to all but authorized personnel ... and official volunteers in the line of duty.

Now I am wondering if BLM will be calling me to ask when I'm available to volunteer again....

My off-trail guide, Leon

Antenna down

Antenna Up

Across to Slot Canyon - Tent Rocks

A Pinon
but in the Shade of Other Than a Juniper

The Descent - La Bajada?

Lots of Loose Rocks and Dirt to Slip and Slide On

A little bonus feature: our new china cabinet? credenza? and chairs we got at an estate sale for a very very good price. And our front doors finally got oak stain to look just like fake wood.

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