Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Being Presidential Is All About

Obama's Press Conference Today, August 4, 2016

 I am always amazed (but really shouldn't be) at how intelligent, articulate, detailed and thorough his responses are to tough questions. He takes the time to answer each part of a reporter's question, explains things thoroughly, calmly and logically debunks all of the lies and innuendoes being spread in popular media, and demonstrates that the business of running the country is not a simple matter; that the issues are complex and require an in-depth and rational analysis of all the connections, possibilities, outcomes and repercussions -- that decisions effect not only individuals, or the USA, but people both here and in other countries and the relationships between countries. It takes an in-depth and thorough knowledge of the issues here and abroad and a knowledge of many countries and their culture and history.

1 comment:

  1. An articulate, logical, intelligent President, what a concept.

    As a college professor of mine once said, "Intelligence has its own beauty."



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