Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Recent comments in response to Facebook rants

I just get so fed up.

In reply to a rant against Transgender Rights:

You totally don't get it. Transgendered people don't "just wake up one day and state" that they feel like they're the opposite sex. And surgery has nothing to do with being transgendered - it is, for those who can afford it, a way to more fully become physically who they are psychologically and emotionally and spiritually. There are genetic and chromosomal differences that contribute to gender dysphoria. The problem is that the religious far right has confounded the issue and is perpetrating out and out lies to engender fear - unfounded fears - in people who don't have the desire or intelligence to inform themselves of the facts. You may be sick of the "transgendered stuff and all of their rights" but thank god or your stars that you don't have to live as a transgendered individual. I've met and known transgendered individuals and believe me, it is absolutely ludicrous for any of them to be using the bathroom corresponding to their assigned gender at birth. If Theo or Samuel walked into the men's room right behind you, you wouldn't bat an eye. They have been doing so for years. Now some bathroom nazi is going to ask for their birth certificates (and yours) before allowing them (and you) into the men's room? And they, beards and all, would have to go to the ladies' room and potentially "scare little girls" a whole lot more than a trans woman ever would. Ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous.

In reply to a rant against Obama:

You bet I'd vote for Obama again. He is intelligent, dignified, understands international relations and foreign policy, and had done an excellent job DESPITE Republican obstructionism and outright hatred and disrespect. Your poster is simplistic nonsense. I'd hate to see the current republican candidate making critical decisions. He has made the US a laughing stock around the world. The international community is certainly already planning a strategy to deal with a loose cannon in the Oval Office.


  1. I, too, have had an epic meltdown from former friends who didn't like my trans ally stance. I was told I should take my "faggot ass" back to California because people in South Carolina don't want "fags in dresses in girls bathrooms."
    Oy, it's the heat and the stupidity.

  2. I hope this makes you feel better. Those rants make me nuts. Trying to respond to the idiots is so frustrating (like Bernie Sanders said, "Like talking to a table.")

    Just remember we at least are in perfect agreement and there are many more of us out there.

  3. It would be a full-time job for a staff of thousands to rebuttal all of the anti-LGBT and anti Obama crap posted on the internet. I chose those because they were posted by an acquaintance, a gay man, who should know better.

  4. I've done a number of posts on FB and the Blog on the transgender issues. I don't know why I feel so strongly about advocating for the trans community - many gays don't share my feelings. I've known several trans both M to F and F to M - and have found them very personable, courageous, dynamic, self-assured and interesting, not to mention intelligent, compassionate and a number of other positive qualities. I just don't get the hatred and judgmental attitudes coming out of the woodwork like roaches.

  5. And that was supposed to read like "Barnie Frank" said!!!



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