Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving - And, Like Pilgrims In A New Land

Is today Thanksgiving? Already?
We have “jet lag” without having been in a plane! 2,000+ miles in 4 days. And for some reason both Leon and I are both still on Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Those circadian rhythms are out of sync and it is 2 hours earlier here, so we were up at 4am, 6am your time.
We are thankful for having made our trip safely, for having a place to stay and for our family and friends back home and those here as well.
As we set aside our differences on this day to experience a more universal feeling of gratitude, don’t forget to thank that turkey on your table for sacrificing his/her life; for the farmers who raised the food on your table and for the workers who picked, processed, packaged and delivered it to a store near you…and to whoever lovingly cooked it all to perfection. 
Believe it or not, we are expecting snow here in New Mexico tomorrow!
I picked up a cold somewhere, so will probably enjoy just chicken soup for Thanksgiving dinner, though we’ve been invited to friends for a feast.
Benni was a perfect dog all the way out here. He only got excited when we pulled into the hotel parking lot in Santa Fe - as he recognized it from when we were here in January. (He didn’t react at other hotels at all) Who said dogs are not intelligent? We will go to the Frank Ortiz Dog Park later this morning. I’ll try to post on FB and/
or my blog.
Due to delays with our closing in CT (Now scheduled for Dec 4th in our absence) we cannot close on the home in Cochiti Lake until then, so we will be “renting” our new home for 5 or six days (actually cheaper than the hotel room). 
So, that was perhaps more information than you wanted today, so I’ll just end with:
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Whoa, Frank. I don't believe you've mentioned "the home in Cochiti Lake" on this blog before - so you guys are really, truly moving to the Land of Enchantment?? Well good luck to you - y'all will certainly have plenty of snow and winter weather up in those mountains, but I reckon you New England boys can handle it.

  2. We're counting on a whole lot less than 3 feet of snow in 3 days. Or a month of below freezing temps without a thaw. We won't be in the mountains, so we didn't pack the snow blower.



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