Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Few Photos From Our Trip To New Mexico

Just got back from New Mexico and wanted to post a few pictures. Not the best, but will do for now. Captions to be added. Got lots of laundry, mail, grocery shopping, lawn mowing, vegetable gardening, dog walking, etc. to catch up on.

Monte del Sol

Waiting for Leon
Near the Plaza

New Mexico's version of Goldenrod

Out for a Hike Again

We went in search of WATER in New Mexico. We found some:
Monastery Lake in Pecos
Fishing Only-NO SWIMMING- at Monastery Lake
Sun Flowers at Monastery Lake - and all along the Highways and Byways too
Pecos River

There was a nice swimming hole on the Pecos River - I wanted to go for a dip, but there were more miles to get in that day.

Up beyond Pecos
With our Friend Len
Swimming in Abique Lake

Not Exactly the Ledges in Vermont, but it will do.

Los Brunos Restaurant in Cuba

Did lots of hiking - at 7,000 feet hiking to almost 8,000 feet - not bad.


  1. Cool pics, looks like a great trip you guys had.

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm not even going to comment on the Hertz shame; too aggravating. But I AM happy you got a refund and a halfway apology. Anyway... back to the beautiful photos. That hike must have been amazing, but I really get hit by the change in altitude. I don't think I would have made it. Last time we were in Santa Fe, I actually called the hospital.

    I want to go to Cuba... or at least Los Brunos.



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