Saturday, August 30, 2014

Putting The Labor Back In Labor Day

Stone Wall "Repair".

Yesterday Leon and I removed the loose stones from the wall by the garage. It is a 5 foot high wall that had apparently come down sometime before we bought the house and the home owner just stacked the stones up haphazardly without any mortar. There is a section that didn't fall down and it is still held together with mortar.

The mason wanted $9,000 (that we don't have) to re-do the wall and stairs. I'm sure it would have been beautiful.

This is what I would like it to look like:

But we are amateurs and we work with what we have. The wall that is still in place with mortar is slightly bowed and so we went with it and brought the wall around with a slight bow shape back to the stairway.
This is what we accomplished today, but unfortunately we  only got about two-thirds of the job done. 

We'll be back at it tomorrow morning or Monday morning...not sure my old body can do this two days in row. And the part yet to do means naturally hoisting big rocks to a higher level than we did today.

The Intact Part OfThe Wall Is On The Lower Left

Who Needs a Health Club Membership
When You Can Get A Concrete Workout?
We've Got About Another Foot And A Half To Go


  1. Holy crap! Now that's a job and a half!!! You guys are amazing. What a beautiful job you've already done. And I'm not just saying this: I prefer the more rugged, natural-looking work you're doing to that (for my tastes) much-too-refined and precise look of your sample photos.

  2. Man, you are really putting the "labor" in Labor Day. You two will need your own holiday after this is finished!

  3. Good job, fellas, but damn! I'm exhausted now, just looking at the pics!

  4. There is no rest. Holiday? What holiday?

    But we are planning our annual PTown vacation for sometime in September.



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