Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Own Ice Olympics

We're having our own winter olympics here in the Northeast. Again. This event is not for the faint of heart or wimps. This past Wednesday it was a 6 hour event for a 2-man team. Friday and Saturday we held lesser events. There were no spectators except for Benni.

An inch of ice has been provided
The proper equipment is needed
And the right shoes
These grippers mean business
The ice course is on a steep hill
- here about 1/10th the way  through the course
Chop, shovel, sand, salt.
Unfortunately we didn't win any medals


  1. Oh yes - YakTrax are pretty awesome. I have a couple of pairs for winter use.

  2. OMG. You're living in Hell, down at the frozen center. My sympathies.

    It was 70 degrees here in TX today. About damn time.

  3. I need a pair of those grippers too. I almost fell on my ass a few times this winter.
    That looks like quite a workout. I'll bet there were some sore limbs that night.



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