Saturday, December 14, 2013

When You Think You've Heard Everything Category

Being wealthy is now a defense for teenage drunk driving! As if the wealthy need more privileges.

I can see being merciful and just but not on the heels of this bogus defense. I can't even comment any further on this, it is so outrageous.


  1. It is completely outrageous, and overthrows all notions of equal justice under law. The rich white kid gets off with a slap on the wrist, but the poor black or Mexican who did the exact same thing would be facing years in the slammer.

    It also implies that no one has any personal responsibility for his actions.

    It makes me too upset to write about it either. A travesty.

  2. We should form a posse and string his ass up. Then he'd know there are consequences for actions.

    Ah but wait - then he'd be dead and still have gotten away with it. Maybe we need to run him over with a car, not so much to kill but to maim. Let him live with that.

  3. I had my own WTF response to this lunacy!

  4. I'm certainly not for taking the law into the hands of vigilantes - there is and will be legal recourse I'm sure.



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