Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turn a Mirror on Bishop Poprocki This Wednesday

Bishop Poprocki of Springfield Illinois will be performing an exorcism to ward off the evil of same-sex marriage in Illinois, to ward off the evil of the legislators who passed the bill, some of them, OMG, baptized Catholics, and of course to ward off the evil of the demon possessed Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgendered and all those other sexual minorities that Poprocki's god hates.

I posted this comment to Bilgimage today:

Bishop Paprocki’s exorcism stunt would be laughable if were not for the fact that so many Catholics and non-Catholics take the actions of Catholic bishops and the symbolism of exorcism seriously.

That LGBT persons are seen as possessed by evil and therefore we, and our demand for equality, are in need of exorcism is in itself a dangerous view. 

We are not at all viewed on par with other minorities - we are not seen as morally neutral by those who consider themselves morally superior: our sexuality defines us as morally suspect and therefore appropriate subjects for their rites of exorcism.

Has so little changed since the Inquisition, since fags were 
burned at the stake, since homosexuals were rounded up and forced into Nazi concentration camps and gas chambers? These were all attempts to rid the world of the "evil" that the powers that be attribute to LGBT's.

To use exorcism as weapon is way beyond praying “give us this day our daily bread” or “thy will be done.” it is an 
insidious approbation of a new cult of hate and vitriol bordering on violence toward LGBT persons.

I am reminded of the funeral services of Matthew Shepard
 (and others) that the Westboro Baptist Church tried to disrupt with signs stating that “God Hates Fags”; good people wearing huge angel wings to block out the hateful signs and protesters from view of the mourners thwarted the intentions of Westboro during Matthew’s funeral. See: (

Paprocki's exorcism exhibition is clearly in the same vein as Westboro Baptist Church, only couched in the piety and ritual of Roman Catholicism. I'm sure it will be complete with Latin incantations and incense. 

But, in similar fashion as Matthew's angels, I picture LGBT folks everywhere holding mirrors to Paprocki’s gesture and reflecting his exorcism back on him.


  1. Well said, Frank. And so we see that the RC Church, and all the others, are not and have not always been the Voice of God speaking to mankind - just little men behind a green curtain amplifying their voices and setting off smoke bombs.

    Pitiful. This kind of medieval stunt throws all the good that religious people do into the shade.

  2. He has got to be kidding. I will hold up a mirror Wednesday!

  3. Mitch, Well, at least a symbolic mirror. We don't want the Spaniards to think you weird holding a mirror at the local cafe...oh, almost forgot, you're in NY; never mind, there are so many weirdos, no one will notice.



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