Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Off the Grid Again - Vermont - Rock River - Ledges

I've been spending time at our camper in a spot in Vermont where I've been off the grid and where I'd have to travel thirty minutes to find free wifi.

I don't own a smart phone with a hot spot or whatever, so haven't been able to access the internet very often. So I haven't been keeping up with you bloggers out there.

I've gone five days at a time without checking email - can you imagine! And to tell you the truth, its been nice. And I haven't always had my camera handy, so don't have many pics to post today.

Have been hiking and swimming au naturel with the dog as one can do in Vermont, but not in stodgy Connecticut, and working on my book: "Did You Ever See A Horse Go By - A Coming Out Memoir" which is in it's final edit. So, it's been good and summer is flying by.

Where I really want to be is in Provincetown, at the campground there, but that is way too expensive for a prolonged stay. We will be going later in the summer for  week or two.

Gotta go.....
The Garden
The Garden
Rock River
Rock River Before the Crowd Got There

Lake Harriman - The Ledges


  1. It looks idyllic (except I'm sitting her swatting the mosquitoes I'm imagining). So exciting about your book!

    I went for a 5-mile walk the other day without my phone or camera. I definitely need to get back into that!

    Email can wait and so what if I miss a photo opportunity or two!

  2. The garden looks great and the river looks inviting, what fun. Especially in the nude! Ha.

    A memoir? You've not mentioned that before, how intriguing. You must let us all know where and how to get a copy when its ready.



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