Friday, June 28, 2013

Gay Pride Month - We Are Not There Yet - A Link To Back2Stonewall

The SCOTUS decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA are historic, but they steps toward a goal that has not yet been reached. I have used the term bittersweet - and for some, those in marriage equality states, the recent ruling may be sweet; but for those in states without marriage equality the rulings have to leave a bitter taste and a realization that they/we have more work to do, hard work to do and more time to wait for results. For us, this is still not quite a "United" States.

Also, in light of the other Supreme Court decision this week that limits/restricts the historic Voting Rights Act, be aware of the possibility that in some unforeseen, unexpected way, expanded civil rights for LGBT's can be restricted by some future court ruling.

 Here is an article from Back2Stonewall

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  1. Yes, it sucks to have to wait, which makes me marvel at the patience of blacks and women and other groups who toiled away for decade after decade in their struggles for equality. We gays have come a long way in a somewhat shorter time, but still we will not be "carried to heaven on a feather bed" as an old sermon goes. We in our turn have to tread the weary road too.

    But every now and then we get some good news like this week's rulings that encourages us to carry on, with hope.



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