Thursday, November 15, 2012

And A Very Merry Christmas To You Mittsey Scrooge

Well, I, for one, did not get any "gifts" from Obama and I voted for him nonetheless.

I think I earned my Social Security, my bank interest amounts to literally pennies per month, as I am retired/unemployed I pay a reduced rate for health insurance thanks to the State of Connecticut low-income health plan but that will go up soon when I must go on Medicare, and I pay my state and local sales and property taxes, etc.  So no "gifts" here.

I hope this insensitive and ignorant excuse for a man who ran for president for the Republican Party keeps on talking so his mouth will be so wide open that everyone who supported him can put their foot in.  My contempt for MR has only been enhanced with his "explanation" of why he lost the election.


  1. Yes indeed, Willard Mitt Romney is a scumbag. In fact he's worse than that, he's scum!

    I knew what he was over a year ago and when he first tried for President in 2008. He had no real position other than what he THOUGHT the electorate wanted to hear.

    And of course he can't resonate with we the people. He passed that stage years ago.

    I say we all organize a ride to Belmont and egg his house.

  2. Pathetic loser . . . blames everybody except the real culprit: himself.

  3. Talk about sore losers.

    Yeah I'm in no better shape than you Brother.



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