Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Link for Thought

Here is a link to I Should Be Laughing - a post about the GOP Presidential campaign's continuing phony attempts to relate to the people by buying their way and staging their "sincerity".  Remember the one where they pretended to wash pots and pans at the soup kitchen?  Or twisted the facts about their search for women to take posts in Massachusetts governor's office; or insisted a grief stricken mother of a son killed in the war return a call to the governor for his own edification; etc.  It amazes me that nearly half the voting public could support the man or the party.


  1. A good analogy for the Romney/Ryan aka Rmoney/Tryan to take it away from us, is North Korea.

    Visit North Korea and you're treated to the biggest spectacle. All shiny, and tacky but utterly plastic.

    That's what I'm reminded of when I look at the two Repugs.

  2. :::blush::: Thanks for the shout out!



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