Monday, October 29, 2012

What Kind of Name For a Hurricane is Sandy?

UPDATE 10/31/12  Here we still have electricity (last year we were without power for 7 days).  But being without electricity is merely an inconvenience compared to being without a home or seeing your house burn or having your entire neighborhood covered in sand and debris.  Where does one begin to clean up and rebuild?  Where does one get the resources?  The video coverage is unbelievable.  Hoping that everyone affected will get needed assistance soon.

UPDATE 10/30/12  We survived the storm with no damage or flooding.  We are inland and on the north side of Fall Mountain, so we got only minimal wind.  Down at the shore, it was quite another story - not as widespread as New Jersey and Long Island, but most of the Connecticut shore got hit hard.

Sandy sounds like such a mild mannered, friendly, fun-loving, even wimpy name.  Sandra or Sandro would carry more authority.  But here we are battening down the hatches for "Sandy".  Almost exactly a year since the Halloween snow storm that crippled our area and turned out the lights for seven days.  So we are getting ready to play Little House on the Prairie once again: filling water buckets for when the well pump is powerless and getting all our potential flying object out of the yard.

So far, now 6:30 pm, most of the wind is coming from the TV weather forecasters.

Here are some of the best photos from the hurricane so far.  Thanks to hurricane wind and rain we have Satellite TV Art:

I'm thinking these will be made into note cards for this year's gifts to family and friends.


  1. Glad to hear you guys made it through unscathed. Hope your power is on, or returns shortly if not.

  2. Good to hear you guys got out of this unscathed. We did too!

    However some spots that have a place in my mind got pretty wrecked in this one.

    Block Island, Misquamicut and even the Newport Cliff Walk got damaged by this storm. And NYC - oh New York - but she'll dig out, bail out, etc.



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