Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Relief or Re-Leaf From All The Politics

It's almost 9PM and I don't know if I have the stomach or the emotional fortitude to watch another debate.  Here are some pics I took today.

Taken on "AUTO" setting
Same view on "MANUAL" setting


Cubby said...

Driving back and forth to Ohio last weekend we saw some really good color, especially in the Maryland/Penn/WV tri-state area. Every year we seem to miss it, but this year we hit the jackpot.

Russ Manley said...

Oh wow, these are gorgeous, Frank. I did one time get to see the glory of the leaves up in your part of the world, and it was just a breathtaking sight.

I wonder which was a more accurate representation of what your eyes saw, the auto or manual setting - ? I nearly always find with my little Kodak that I have to boost the contrast/brightness afterwards on the computer.

Bob said...

I enjoyed the pictures rather than the debates!

Frank said...

In this particular light, I think the manual setting (and I don't know exactly what that was) is closer to nature. The auto setting accented the yellow range a bit much.

Stan said...

It looks beautiful up there.


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